Thank you to all of our past presidents for helping establish and maintain our long-standing
traditions as we commemorate our 50-year anniversary!

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Impact of Self-awareness on Leadership Effectiveness by Jonathan Pugh
  "...For the past several decades, authentic leadership has been emerging as a new theory
of leadership supported by a growing body of empirical research. Self-awareness is a key construct
within this theory that refers to an ongoing process whereby a person gains insights into their
unique talents, strengths, sense of purpose, core values, beliefs and desires..."


Fast Take on Talent Innovation: Today's multi-generational workforce by PwC
 "...We live and work in times of extraordinary change. Technology advances are speeding innovation.
Shifts in global power are spurring competition. Demographic changes are transforming
workforce dynamics, pushing organizations to think and work in new ways..."
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
A Different Approach To Improve Your Work Culture by Stewart Liff
"...The typical approach is to develop the organization’s supervisors with the
expectation/hope that if they are better trained, somehow morale will improve. In fact,
U.S. organizations spend over $160 billion on employee development, with the largest
percentage being spent on supervisory training. Yet each year, we tend to see relatively
little improvement in employee satisfaction scores for either government employees or
employees in general..."
Stewart Liff

Employee Recognition -- A Key to Employee Engagement by Robert Lavigna
"...Even though there isn’t a single solution to improving engagement, employee recognition has consistently been shown to be a key way to drive high levels of engagement. When we hear “recognition,” though, we often think of financial recognition. And we all know providing financial rewards in government can be difficult..."
Robert Lavigna, American Society for Public
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Message from the President . . . .

"...The MCC has a long and proud history of being a strong and active Chapter within IPMA-HR that promotes and supports public sector professional human resources management. The Chapter provides public service professionals with a forum for discussing and sharing issues that impact our HR profession and the organizations that we support; and the Chapter provides a medium for gaining knowledge and building competencies through programs and connections with colleagues across our profession..."

-Gib Johnson, Chapter President


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Topic of Interest

IPMA-HR Releases New HR2020 Report

"...The HR2020 framework contains the critical elements required to help HR professionals bring the future into focus. The framework does not specifically address the technical expertise of the HR profession; rather, the framework is intended to sit on the foundation of that body of knowledge. The framework creates a roadmap of how to build on technical knowledge to create a transformative roadmap and achieve organizational success..."

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Getting the Right People: How to Recruit and Retain Qualified Staff

by Neil Reichenberg

"Recruiting and retaining qualified staff remains the most important workforce issue for the second consecutive year, according to the findings of the 2016 Workforce Trends survey conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence. The survey, which is based on survey responses from the members of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) and the National Association of State Personnel Executives (NASPE), also found that jobs in finance are among those that state and local governments have the most difficult time filling..."

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