IPMA-HR MCC is proud to host the upcoming annual Training & Development Forum in Spring 2019!



  To volunteer, please contact the Conference Chair:

Shekila Cole at [email protected]

**Please include your full name, affiliation, contact information, and committee(s) interest within the content of your e-mail.



  • Determine overall budget allowance (work with Conference Chair)
  • Develop Excel sheet for tracking income and expenditures


Materials Committee

  • Develops and prepares delivery of conference materials
  • Prepares binders, handouts, and all conference materials
  • Consider if and where needed freebies/giveaways (coordinate with Sponsors Committee)
  • Develop Program Brochure (works with Publicity)



  • Develop strategies for formal and informal networking throughout the conference
  • Develop opportunities for participant interactions
  • Plan networking/social event at the close of conference (work with Arrangements)



  • Recommend conference date in coordination with Steering Committee and Arrangements
  • Determine conference theme and logo (work with Publicity)
  • Develop a list of potential speakers to include topics and contact information
  • Obtain speaker bio’s (will need for program brochure)
  • Determine seating and room arrangements (once speakers are chosen)
  • Plans and manages the program


Conference Registration

  • Develop registration form and plan system for tracking registrations, how paid, etc. (work with Treasurer)
  • Communicates with registrants
  • Prepare identification badges
  • Manages Registration Table at the conference



  • Obtain Vendors/Exhibitors/Sponsors to help offset conference costs.
  • Obtain items for raffles and giveaways (work with Materials)





  • Researches locations
  • Schedule and arrange site visits
  • Make arrangements with selected site including costs, conference/breakout/dining rooms, and food selections
  • Negotiate contract





  • Develop and implement publicity strategy
  • Develop Logo (coordinate with Program)
  • Communicates conference plans to membership
  • Publicizes conference to all sources